Sunday, September 19, 2010


After having contemplated about writing my blog for the longest time, here I go..finally setting pen to paper, or more literally fingers to key board. we need to change our language thanks to the predominance of IT in our lives.

Well, its difficult for me to write a blog these my steady journey into the business of life, has naggingly rubbed off on me .. what could I possibly have to say, that you have not heard about in the course of your life?

I mean everybody is in search of the love their lives, juggling between family and work, coping with health and financial issues of ones own, what could I possibly unfold, that would be of any use to anybody?

Anyhow, after having quit my first job and having found myself in quite a vulnerable position till I got another one, I have begun to believe that every person's life is a unique journey and full of choices that guides his or her way through life and shapes the person she is and will become.

As a kid, what was clearly black and white, has now adopted various shades of grey and I would like  my blog to help me understand these different shades  and lay out a better understanding of my path in this the crazy confusing times that we live in.


  1. wait for the myriad stories to unfold, for the verse to cling on to the last mysteries of life.....these words will smell, will taunt u out to unfold itself.....just look out for ur fingers at that moment, let them not slip out of ur fold......I know what awaits in these columns...the brilliance which lies in the trivial and banal details of life, u have just wringed it out....keep it going

  2. Aah, the anticipation of waiting for that which you know would be unlike everything that you expect.
    Because when people write, they just let you glimpse into that secluded ante-chamber of their lives which you might never be privy to otherwise.
    Tick-tock goes the clock...

  3. Beauty lies in the creation of meaning by the mere articulation of our thoughts..welcome to the conundrum called life:)

  4. Esha, you speak poetry! You said poetry is a little bit off your track, but it is really not the case, given what you have written here. It is like we cannot see our own eyes. Do not think of any reflecting surface. You really speak poetry. Write more.

    Thoithoi O'Cottage